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My Twelve Best Toons

Here's a dozen personal favorites of the hundreds of cartoons I've done for The New Yorker magazine. Yep. I'm fancy.

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After delivering my speech "How To Be An Idea Factory" at South By Southwest last year, I sat down with Forbes magazine and tried to talk and draw at the same time.

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Why I'm Afraid of Rattlesnakes

I stared down a rattlesnake. Here's the whole story as it appeared in Texas Monthly magazine.

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My Doctor Thinks He's Funny

My Doctor's been trying out all his comedy material on me. I did a comic about it.

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If Cowboys Were Smaller

A series of illustrations I did for The Believer magazine. It's pretty much what it sounds like.

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My Favorite 50 Foot Cowboy

Another of my comic stories from Texas Monthly. Do you know about Big Tex? If you're a Texan, you do.

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