HEY, LET'S START AN INTERNET CLUB!  It'll be you, me and a bunch of other cool kids who like the same cool things that we like. We'll get matching satin jackets and gather every Saturday at the mall.

Or you could just sign up for my email newsletter, The Diffeeville Dispatch. I'm pretty sure "newsletter" is the wrong word for it. It's more like a one person magazine. Fun stories, drawings, grumpy rants and the occasional moment of artsy inspiration. Folks seem to enjoy it. And best of all, everyone who signs up get's a free high quality print of a Diffee Doodle from the store. Here's sorta what they look like. 

best doodle photo crop.jpg

FREE ART! What's the catch? There is no catch except that you have to be my friend. Forever.


Click the link below to get signed up. Once you've confirmed, I'll send you a secret code for your free doodle. Take that code to my online store, choose your doodle, then enter the code at checkout and you'll be charged zilch.

And don't worry for a second. Your information will never be shared with anyone.

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